Ongoing Projects


Water treatment and waste water treatment in Pakistan:

We are currently in a process of surveying about providing water treatment and waste water treatment in Pakistan with cooperation of Econet Group Oy of Finland and Pakistan Spray Engineering of Pakistan.

Pak Spray Engineering is based in the Southern port city of Karachi and has long history in providing solutions depending on the need to several well known industries in Pakistan.

WEEE Recycling in Pakistan:

We have a very good cooperation with or partners in the city of Lahore in the field of WEEE Recycling.
This includes receiving, dismantalling, separation and transportation to the smelters.
Several deliveries had been already done to well known European smelters in the past.

Metal Recycling in Pakistan:

We have started metal recycling together with our partner in the city of Lahore.
The process includes receiving, dismantalling, separation and transportation to smelters.

Your door to the East:

Norden Recycling along with it’s cooperative partners plans to launch a new project to introduce products and materials from European suppliers and manufacturers to the market of United Arab Emirates which is one of the main business hubs for the fast growing Afro-Asian markets.

We plan to offer the following services:

  • We take care of all paper work including custom clearance and matters related to the transportation.
  • Our experienced environmental consultant can provide annual assistance related to environmental related matters.
  • We can arrange direct shipments from suppliers to buyers but have also our own warehouse in Sharjah for unloading, storage and displaying the shipments and a well equipped sale system.
  • We can represent our suppliers in local exhibitions and can arrange meetings with local buyers if needed. Also to provide any assistance in order to deal with legal matters.
  • We can also help European companies in purchasing raw materials or any other products from United Arab Emirates.
  • Our main focus is to deal with industrial machinery and equipments, hi- tech products and electric-,metal- and machinery scrap at the moment.

We are true to ourselves, and commit to always perform at our best.

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